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Providing on site medical screening to both government and private organisations since 1988.

Audiometry Screening
Our programs are based on education, rather than compensation, and are administered in compliance with regulatory standards. Test procedures and reports meet the requirements of each state and reports can be generated to meet the needs of organisations abroad.

'Audmet' manages the hearing test data and provides for the recognition of referral and change criteria as prescribed in legislation and authoritative guidelines. Designed to prevent unnecessary referrals, Audmet compares the most recent test with previous test data and advises of referrals only when new criteria is met. This function is particularly cost effective for large organisations who regularly monitor the status of employee hearing.

The processing of past records is undertaken for the purpose of testing, archiving and the efficient retrieval of information. Comprehensive reports are generated which contribute to compliance with legislation and allow for the analysis of both individual and group data.

Other Mobile Services
   • Occupational Vision Screening
   • Colour Vision Screening
   • Computerised Lung Function (Spirometry) Screening
   • Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Screening
   • Occupational Health Assessment

Any combination of testing can be carried out in the one session and includes an explanation of the results and education for improved well being.

Complimentary Services
Ergonomic Workplace Assessments, Preliminary Noise Surveys and Occupational Health and Safety Education Sessions are performed only within NSW.

When searching for medical screening it is important that providers are chosen who can be relied upon to deliver a consistently high standard of service that meets the needs of your organisation. Industrial Diagnostics is proud of its reputation of meeting these expectations and welcomes the opportunity to offer references and competitive rates.

Service Providers
   • Queensland
   • New South Wales
   • Australian Capital Territory
   • Victoria

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For more detailed information on all Industrial Diagnostic's services or to book hearing tests, contact us via email or by phoning (02) 4362 2660

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